Some SSP members, including John & Kelly
Weaver, always visit the battlefield on the
anniversary dates of July 1-3.  Photos at
left were taken by John 7/3/02 on Cemetery
Ridge near the center of the Federal line. 1st
pic (left) revealed a mist (unseen to naked
eye) which seemed to be grazing the edge of
the monument.  He moved closer and took
the second, where it seems to have moved
lower and to the rear.  Person in the photos
was unaware of activity behind him. A
curious spirit, perhaps?
Again on Cemetery Ridge, near Federal Battery positions behind the
"Angle".  This was taken 7/3/03 on a night when one of the
battlefield's most eerie sights was evident:  The long lines of Mist that
move about with a surreal quality.  Yes, unlike the photos above this
mist was seen by the naked eye!  So, why is this photo of a natural
condition shown on a paranormal site?  On this night, there was
something really different about the mist -- I had never seen it more
intense, nor moving more in the way lines of troops would.  Seeing
some form in the fields off toward the Emmitsburg Road, I placed my
TriField meter about 10 yards out from the stone fence and as it rolled
over - just as men from Armistead's Brigade attempted in 1863 - the
meter sounded, indicating a sharp increase in the EM field - this was
captured on video.   Could this mist be more than just the natural
product of a steamy day turning into a cooler night?  I think the
"natural" mist at Gettysburg is worth a closer look - lets get our
instruments and recorders involved!
Taken in Reynold's Woods, the scene of heavy fighting on the
first day, and of course named for Union Gen. John Reynolds
who was killed leading the famous "Iron Brigade" of the 1st
Corps.  Mist (unseen by the eye) has developed around
long-time CGF/SSP member Ed Dubil and his noble
companion, "Brutus".  (A temp. drop was also recorded with a
thernal scanner when pic was taken) This handsome American
Bulldog is well-known to regular ghosthunters and battlefield
trampers.  With most civil war regiments having canine
mascots, it is conceivable that spirits are attracted to Brutus.  
And with Ed's attire on this night having the basic look of a
Union Soldier, perhaps they are both attracting attention.  Ed
is the descendent of a Federal Artileryman who fought here,
and while his hat, dark coat and light pants are not an actual
uniform, we have had success working on the field with
re-enactors in full dress.
2 views of The Mysterious Sachs Bridge - While not actually part of
the battlefield, it was barely a mile behind the CSA right flank and
elements of the Army of Northern Virginia crossed it during the
retreat.  Several "legends" exist that some believe are the cause of
activity here, but one of them is unfounded -- despite claims that
Confederate deserters were hung from the rafters here, no such
incident is documented in the ANV records.  However, during the
retreat a field hospital was evidently established in the area around the
bridge, taking advantage of the water from Marsh Creek.  Both Kelly
and her late Uncle Cecil "felt" that several wounded soldiers died near
the bridge and some remain here in unmarked graves on the south bank
of the creek. (Cont @ left)
Kelly and I first discovered Sach's bridge on a hot July Day in
1993, before being "actively" involved in ghosthunting. We were
attending a re-enactment not far away and parked on the road
along Marsh Creek and noticed the lovely old bridge.  We decided
to check it out prior to walking to the re-enactment site and as we
approached the bridge, Kelly started feeling a presence.  While
walking across, she said someone was following us and
immediately we were enveloped by an intense cold spot!  This
was a brutally hot day, and if we had a thermal scanner at the
time, I'm sure it would have confirmed at least a 30 deg. drop!  
Photo above is a 35mm taken by Kelly in March 97; paranormal
mist is in a facial shape.  Photo at right taken in Aug. 2001 shows
rare daylight mist, unseen by the naked eye.
35mm pic taken by Ed Dubil at the 20th Maine Monument  Ed's
comments: "Just before (taking the picture), Brutus had looked up in the
air in the trees. He then jumped up on the rock that the monument is
placed on and looked at me. As you can see from the picture, he appears
stressed out. I had difficulty getting him off the rock. I actually had to
pick him up. And as you know, I never have had to do that. Strange."
John's comments: "The anomaly on the lower right part of the
monument, due to its location, could not be a flash reflection, even if
flash were used. Be it an external flash unit or built-in flash,  it would be
toward the top; it is also not consistent with lens flare. Also, without
flash, we pretty much eliminate the likelihood of dust/pollen particles.
One can be walking around in daylight and taking pics without flash and
not capture any dust, but the same areas at night when flash is used will
yield many dust 'orbs'. I think it could be a legit anomaly, and the way
Brutus reacted helps support this."